Your absolute PERFECT day…

by admin on February 14, 2012

I know I haven’t written here much lately. Actually, I pretty much abandoned this blog for quite a while. I apologize for that.

With the start of a new year + a month of new beginnings + reading some of your positive comments here over the past few weeks… it really inspired me to starting blogging again.

I’ve got a lot to share. Even though I haven’t been writing here much, don’t mistake that for lack of activity. Far from it! I’ve been real busy working on a few exciting online projects.

Coincidentally, today was (and as I type this… still is) an absolutely perfect day. It prompted me to dust off the ‘ol Potash blog and write you here.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Now, don’t worry… I’m not going to get all mushy on you here and talk about love, how I love my wife (which I do), romance and all that. This is much deeper than that. I think that this day really crystallized to me why we all bust our backs to build a successful online business.

Here’s what happened to me today… I’ll spare you all the little details and give you the 45-second version.

I woke up this morning with my oldest son beside me in bed. Then, my wife arrives with a tray filled with breakfast treats — heart shaped pancakes, pink smoothies — the works! As the kids pile into our bed one by one, we all have a nice Valentine’s Day breakfast — some of us eating with one eye shut, half awake!

We take a some pictures, have a few laughs, give the kids a grab bag of goodies (red cinnamon hearts, greeting cards, etc).

It’s the start of a great day! And it’s still only 7:30 am.

As I walk down the hall from our bedroom to my son’s room, I take a peek out the window. I notice a blanket of snow covering the street. But also, patches of black rectangles on my neighbor’s driveways. Those patches are from cars that hit the road an hour (or more) ago. Dads getting up well before the kids and on the road for another daily commute.

Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of this sort of thing. After all, it happens everyday, right? But today was a bit different.

As I paused, looking out the window at those vacant driveways, I thought… look what I got to experience today.

What a contrast to most people I know. They are up at 6:30, on the road by 7:15 and already stressed out by 9:00. Zombies by 3:00.

I slept in (kinda), woke up with my kids jumping into my bed and got to create some great memories within 30 minutes of waking up! It was incredible.

A few hours later, the missus and I hopped in the car and surprised the kids by picking them up at school and going out for Valentine’s Day lunch.

Can you guess how many other kids there were in the restaurant? None. By the way, this was not a fancy place. All day breakfast is their specialty.

Then, when I picked up the kids after school, we had a good chat about how great this day was and what they liked best about it.


You see, I often hit the pause button, reflect and count my blessings.

So, what’s my point here? Am I saying this to brag about how great my life is? That was not my intention.

My point is…. how badly do YOU want it?

By “it” I am referring to you living a perfect day, every day: freedom, doing what you want, having complete control over your schedule and time, not having to answer to a boss-hole or be somewhere every weekday between 9-5.

I know friends, family and even some neighbors who make sarcastic remarks to me (or behind my back I’m sure) saying things like, “Geez. Must be nice”…. or “working hard or hardly working Jason?”… or “what exactly do you do all day, anyway?”.

They don’t get it.

They never will.

Success isn’t some fluke. It’s not like you winning the lottery.

Go buy a ticket, BAM… millionaire.

Entrepreneurial success doesn’t work that way. Ok, I’m sure there are some exceptions like if you were born with the last name Trump...

Success is about sacrifice, determination, unwavering commitment and yes… even some pain.

It’s about knowing what you want… and then doing whatever it takes to get there.

Nobody here on my block knows what I’ve done to get here. (Perhaps I’ll save that for another long post).

All they see is the end result. Things look easy from that end of the table.

Yes, today is the perfect day.

It’s perfect because I have orchestrated my past activities, effort, direction and passion all towards living this very day. This day is the end result.

It’s the fruition of my doing.

I knew this day would come… even when I was commuting 90-minutes each way to work with a new born baby at home who I rarely saw.

I knew how good it would feel to be free and here for my kids, my wife, my family… whenever I wanted and whenever they needed me.

So, my question to you is…

What would your perfect day be?

How would it start?

What would happen throughout the day?

Who would you spend it with?

Replay that video in your mind often. Make it as REAL as can be.

(I’m not asking you to share the details of your absolute perfect day here in the comments… but if you want to, that would be cool. Might be a good way for you to put a commitment down in writing… digital writing… and then hold yourself accountable to stick to it).

Make THAT your motivation for continuing to build your business… dealing with criticism or negative remarks from your family and/or friends… for spending an extra 2-3 hours online each night working when other sane people are sleeping.

Work on your business. Work to make YOUR goals turn into reality.

There’s a great saying that is very relevant here (I forget who gets the credit for this one). It goes like this …

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.”

In other words… if you have no idea what your perfect day looks like, you will never live it.

Make it happen. Starting today.

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Tunnel vision = MASSIVE success

by admin on December 1, 2009

In the next 60 seconds, you’ll see why having tunnel vision in business is actually a GOOD thing.

Here’s a quick (true) story…

A friend-of-a-friend started a
company back in the early 90s
selling school supplies and various

He did ok. Made a few bucks.

He thought that by expanding his
product line, he would increase

This approach works for Wal Mart and big box stores.

More product SKUs = more sales

It must work for small businesses too, right?


A few years later, this school supply guy wised up. He looked at what products were selling best, had the highest profit margin and least amount of competitors. What was the sweetspot?


Then, he decided to focus all his attention on becoming the best supplier of maps.

But, he didn’t stop there… He became ultra focused. He dropped selling globes, huge wall maps, map pencil cases, pocket maps and ONLY focused on map guides (the spiral bound type) and fold out maps.

In other words, the kind of maps you use in the car or when planning a road trip.

The end result?

His business SKYROCKETED.

You see, once he applied tunnel vision to his business, it flourished. His business became instantly less complicated requiring less admin, with less breaking points, less staff and (most important) less headaches.

I know that most people claim tunnel vision in business is a bad thing.

You often hear comments like, “My boss has tunnel vision. He’s not looking at the big picture”. Or… “Take the blinders off buddy. You are suffering from tunnel vision!”.

Well, in my books… tunnel vision = massive success

So, how about you?

Are you suffering from a LACK OF tunnel vision with your online business?

Ask yourself this…

How many different online businesses have you tried to start within the past few months (or years)?

Were they ALL successful?

Rather than start 4 (or more) different businesses, why not focus on just one and give it 100% of your focus, attention and effort?

Also, rather than start a new business and bailout 5 weeks later (because you are not rich yet), why not give it some time?

Successful businesses don’t happen overnight.

First, it takes some time for you to develop the necessary skillsets to nurture a successful business.

Example: An actor doesn’t win an Oscar award after buying an acting book and 4 weekend acting classes.

Then, once you apply your skills, it takes time for your business to be a smashing success.

Example: The owner of Subway subs struggled to make a buck running his first sub shop. Look at the conglomerate Subway is today.

Your mission is (if you choose to accept it)…

One business + tunnel vision

That’s it.

That’s the key to massive success online.

Forget the latest new Google trick or guaranteed easier way to make you money online.

If Affiliate marketing intrigues you, DO IT. But, don’t try and promote every product — or offer — under the sun (weight loss, dog training, forex robot).

The more narrow your focus, the better. And while you are at it, hold off on creating those 2 new ebooks and forget about writing a sales page for that public domain product you got a great deal on.

Pick one thing, execute and stick with it.

There are no shortcut secrets to success. The only secret is HARD work, focus and total and complete dedication to progressively building your online business. ONE online business.

Then, once you’ve built a successful online business. Rise, Repeat, and develop another revenue stream.

Of course, you also need to be smart about failure too. Every seasoned entrepreneur has a few failures on his resume. You just need to know when to call it quits on a new venture and not become stubborn or foolish optimistic.

Remember that story I told you earlier about the map guy turned millionaire?

What lesson can you take away from it and apply to your online business?

It can all be summarized in two words…


Once you give this a try I guarantee you’ll realize something.

Tunnel vision in business is actually a GOOD thing.


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